Hey guys, I’ve made up a Recipe Template like I had mentioned in the email. For those of you who have and know how to use Microsoft Word I’ll be able to get your recipes up faster if you send it to me already formatted as in this template. By no means do you have to, I don’t mind doing it, but if it’s not too much trouble it will make things go smoother.

Note: If you use the template, click save as and “save as” to save it to your hard drive before opening it. If you have one of the newer Office suites and click “open” it will open in read-only mode and the formatting will be funny + you won’t be able to edit it.

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Changes in the works…

I’m currently in the progress of re-styling the website to be more current and to work better with the online recipe book that I’m going to try to create and manage. I’ll be experimenting with various themes over the next little while so if you have any comments / feedback feel free to let me know.


Edit: I’ve gotten a basic design scheme down for organizing the recipes I think. In the menu bar you can see an option for recipes and when you hover the mouse over it a drop down menu appears with various options. You can either click on one of these to get all of the recipes in that category or you can hover over it again and filter to a more specific option.

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Check out the new area of the site – an online recipe book. This section is just getting underway but feel free to send your favorite recipes to Stephen and have them uploaded for the whole family to have access to. Use the navigation menu at the top of the site and select which category of meal you’re looking for from the drop down menu.

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25th Annual Ugly Tie Presentation

Raw unedited footage of the 2011 Ugly Tie Presentation by Michelle. Video is in two parts as YouTube limits the video duration to a maximum of 15 minutes. I split it in a decent spot, so once part one finishes just watch part 2 which is embedded right below part 1… This is for you folks who couldn’t be at the reunion, and for those of us who may want to watch the presentation again. More footage of the weekend will follow though I’m not sure exactly when it will be uploaded. Also, I will try to get the actual video file that Michelle used in the presentation as it would be a better quality but this sort of encompasses the overall atmosphere during the presentation which is nice as well.

For best quality view in full screen in high definition by clicking the link under the player or the youtube watermark on the bottom right of the player to see the actual youtube page rather than the embedded version, change quality to 720P and then click the full screen button which looks like 4 diagonal arrows pointing outwards to view in full screen :)